Glendale (AZ) Paranormal Chasers
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WE ARE Glendale Paranormal Chasers, chasing the unidentified and YET seeking the truth. PROVING that the ''Unliving'' is still actually living beyond a shadow ,or shadow person of a doubt ( We like the Mist that mystifies us). WE ARE Glendale Paranormal Chasers, WE find the ''Un-heard'' voice, if it is there - IT WILL BE HEARD! WE ARE , The Glendale Paranormal Chasers, we take the challenge, day or night for the unknown to be know. WE ARE THE GLENDALE PARANORMAL CHASERS;my name is Timothy Schell . I am the Founder/Lead Investigator. Sheila Schell is my Wife/ Co-founder. Bill Fox is our very dedicated Investigator.To contact Glendale Paranormal Chasers please call 623-225-3027 or 623-308-7880. Our emails are (OR),rainkarn09@gmail.comPhone623-225-3027.623-308-7880